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Toby Kommer Discussed One-Stop Shop With Fargo INC! Magazine

Toby Kommer Discussed One-Stop Shop With Fargo INC! Magazine

Story & photos courtesy of Fargo INC! Magazine

After more than 20 years working for financial services companies, in 2014, Toby Kommer left his executive position with a local bank in search of something different.

The venture Kommer settled on was a kind of one-stop-shop for small- to mid-size businesses—a physical space that an owner could come to and have almost any conceivable resource at their fingertips. Earlier this summer, the idea came to fruition, as he and his team of more than 50 cut the ribbon on a new 16,000 square-foot building at the corner of 52nd Avenue and 45th Street in one of the fastest-growing parts of Fargo.

Toby On Fargo INC!

The property houses not just Haga Kommer, the CPA firm that bears his name, it’s also home to a full-service bank, Aspire Bank; an insurance agency, Far North Insurance; and an investment firm, Red River Financial.

While Kommer concedes the one-stop-shop concept is not a new one, he says he believes their unique approach and drawing from different sources of inspiration will allow them to stand out in the financial services crowd. Here are five ways they’re doing it.